No Limits Provides Community Service Concert

Top cover band No Limits put on a great show for Clear Horizons Academy in Orem, Utah for Valentine’s Day. As a service to the community and to Clear Horizons, the band offered their talent to help bring a little Valentine’s Day fun to the faculty, students, and their families at this wonderful learning center. Some of the regular band members were unable to make the performance, but with a few top musicians happily filling in, the show was a great success.

Clear Horizons Academy was founded in 2005 as a public charity, with a mission of building brighter futures for autistic children. The goal of the center is to help children with autism learn the skills necessary to succeed in life.

No Limits Party Band Performing for Community Event

There are three different areas that the center focuses on. First, it’s a school where autistic kids are beneficiaries of a special educational program with an emphasis on speech, occupational and behavioral therapies, tailored to each child’s individual needs.

Second, Clear Horizons provides hands-on training for the trainers. Their professional staff, through careful supervision, offer therapists, teachers, and other professionals the training they need to help these special kids. And third, the school provides parents of autistic children with additional resources intended to improve their skills when working with their children.

Lead Singer for No Limits

The No Limits Band was grateful for the opportunity to perform for these wonderful kids, their families and the faculty. The audience showed their appreciation by dancing up a storm and enjoying the festivities.