Amazing Top 40 Bands – Non-Stop High-Energy Dance Music

When you hire a Top 40 band for an important event you want them to deliver two things – high quality music that includes today’s hottest dance hits, and a high-energy show that keeps crowds energized and excited from beginning to end. Green Light’s premier Top 40 wedding and party bands have a reputation for pumping out more current hits than other popular bands. When you want to keep your crowd actively dancing the whole night long, book a band from Green Light Bands.

Exclusive Top 40 Cover Bands

Powerhouse Top 40 Bands for Any Event

Party Crashers® is the epitome of a great event band, playing more current, popular hits than other popular Top 40 bands, while putting on high-energy shows that include incredible sound, top production values, stunning choreographed dance steps, sensational lighting system, splendid crowd interaction, and infectious charm. They are one of the go-to cover bands for high-profile corporate events and celebrity weddings.

The Liquid Blue Top 40 Party Band is another sensational group of extremely talented musicians and singers. This award-winning band is simply one of the most incredible top 40 dance bands you’ll find anywhere, as demonstrated by the rave reviews they get after every performance.

No Limits is one of the country’s most amazing bands for hire. Their style and delivery is all their own, but the music, choreography, computerized lighting and costumes are all exceptionally high in production value. Plus, they keep up on all the newest songs, making sure they play more current hits than anyone else.

If you’re looking for superior vocals, you’ll want to take a hard look at Metro Music Club. Boasting one of the country’s most amazing singers, and delivering an amazing sound, this band is in extreme demand by clients who are looking for the ultimate in dance music.

High Energy Top 40 Dance Music

New Soul Brigade is comprised of stellar vocalists and impressive musicians, including a bright horn trio and a screaming lead guitarist. There are no weak links in this flashy band, combining incredible singers and powerful musicians to deliver continuous adrenaline-boosting music that always keeps crowds dancing into the wee hours of the night. In addition to playing everyone’s favorite hits of today, their repertoire includes hits from some of the most popular classic rock bands of all time.

Club Rock plays everyone’s favorite Top 40 favorites as well as the most popular dance hits from decades past. But there’s a lot more to this band than just playing top hits. They deliver a show that includes a truck load of energy, riveting in-sync dance moves, and oodles of style and personality. Talk about a fun dance experience!

The WildHeart wedding and party band, turns wedding receptions and special occasions into fun, memorable events, delivering great dance music in a wide variety of styles. If you’re looking for one of the most popular live wedding bands, that plays the current radio hits as well as yesterday’s best-loved classics, WildHeart is a great choice. They’ll give you non-stop, high-energy hits from start to finish. If you expect to hire a band that’ll keep your party humming all night long, be sure it’s one of Green Light’s incredible live bands.