Artie Hemphill & the Iron Horse Band

Live Video: Stadium of Fire Winner

The incredible country vocals of Artie Hemphill, combined with the impressive musicianship of the Iron Horse Band, create a unique and infectious sound that always has audiences begging for more. As winners of the 2011 Stadium of Fire Competition, the band played to a crowd of nearly 50,000 screaming fans. They have showcased their amazing talents to enthusiastic crowds all over the country, sharing the stage with Tim McGraw, opening for such national acts as Diamond Rio, the Little River Band, Brad Paisley, Sawyer Brown and Emerson Drive, and appearing on TV and radio multiple times. For more live country music options check out this page.

Live Performance at the Salt Palace

Artie and Iron Horse are crowd-pleasers, one of the top country bands in the nation, delivering a fresh sound with tight harmonies and superior musicianship that’s always a big hit at weddings, corporate events, fairs, festivals, concerts, dances, and special events. Artie’s mind-blowing, rock-solid vocals are delivered with energy and power, creating a signature sound that appeals to both country and non-country music fans alike. He’s the real deal, producing rich, sultry, baritone vocals that are as good as it gets.

Artie and his band have a well-deserved reputation for delivering world-class vocals, stellar musicianship, and dazzling harmonies. Add to that an irresistible stage presence and likability and you’ve got a lively show that keeps the boots on the dance floor all party long.

Their playlist includes classic and current hits from the country and rock genres, pleasing both country music and rock and roll fans. Artie and his band sound just as good during live performances as they do during studio recording sessions, which is why they book out months in advance. Everybody wants Artie.

If you’re looking for a band that delivers an incredible sound with rich, solid vocals, spot-on harmonies, spectacular musicianship and energy, Artie Hemphill and the Iron Horse Band won’t let you down. Just be sure to book them as early as possible, before someone else beats you to the punch.