Premier Live Wedding Music Bands

Green Light’s premier wedding music bands are in hot demand, from California to Florida to New York, Mexico to Canada, and in exotic locales like the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Whether they’re performing for high-profile celebrity weddings or small informal receptions, they create memories that last. When you want the ultimate band to make your wedding day the most exciting imaginable, it’s time to hire one of Green Light’s exclusive live wedding bands that you won’t find anywhere else.

World-Class Wedding Party Bands

The Party Crashers Band, No Limits Band and Power X band are three powerhouse live wedding music bands, offering professional studio recording vocalists and musicians, loads of experience, audience interaction, and the best live dance music you could ever hope for. Once they take the stage there’s no turning back – it’ll be nothing but continuous dance tunes that keep the parquet packed all reception long.

As with all of our premier bands, you’ll hear a wide variety of styles including current, contemporary Top 40 hits, familiar classic rock tunes, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s favorites, funk, hip hop, country and more. These hot bands have a proven track record of providing the best music entertainment for weddings and special events, and always leave an indelible impression on guests. They have well-deserved reputations for being among the most outstanding wedding entertainment and Top 40 bands in the country, and receive rave reviews after every performance.

Metro Music Club is as entertaining and impressive as any live wedding band, thanks in large part to Joslyn, whose amazing vocals helped catapult “Everything” to the number one position on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart.

Party Rush is another exceptionally talented group that boasts four amazing vocalists, hot moves and computerized light systems. Lead singer Lyn is one of the hottest and most incredible singers anywhere, always a crowd favorite. Their incredible sound and production values rival the best bands in the country.

A new addition to our talented roster of wedding dance bands is New Soul Brigade. With three gifted vocalists, exceptional musicianship, and a complement of bright horns, they know how to pump life into receptions and parties.

Instrumental Wedding Music Options

The popular Number Ones band boasts world-class, award-winning musicians who always excite the dance crowd. Plus, they offer a variety of band configurations depending on the client’s needs, ensuring the perfect fit for any event. If it’s instrumental background music you’re after, their musicianship is off-the-charts good. And if you’d like to add a studio vocalist to increase their song selection, they’ll add a great singer that’ll keep everyone happy.

Spinphony Electric Strings Ensemble delivers quality music for weddings and other special events. Four amazing and attractive string musicians, combined with a wide variety of sounds and instruments from a professional DJ, produce the finest music imaginable. They’ll provide beautiful ceremony and reception music, but can also kick it into high gear with high-energy dance music. This is a versatile ensemble that will make a lasting impression.

The Name Droppers play wonderful, easy-listening music for wedding events. This trio provides great background music or can keep the dance floor squirming with lively dance tunes, depending on your needs and can also add optional elements such as a sax player or vocalist. They’ll come out as anything from a three-piece instrumental group to a full band with vocals. Click here to see the Name Droppers video.

More Great Music Options

Great Music for Dancing


Syndicate is another electrifying band offered by Green Light Bands, and features incredible musicians and singers from top to bottom. Dynamic and exciting doesn’t even begin to describe this hot group.

If you’re looking for an hour to an hour-and-a-half of fun, high-energy pop music, the world-acclaimed Crescent Super Band is a powerful choice. To see Crescent’s promo video, click here.

Take a look at the ML Band video to see this great wedding live band in action. They do so much more than just pump out great dance rhythms, they deliver high-energy shows that always keep audiences dancing.

Green Light Bands offers a wide selection of amazing wedding bands, each unique in their own way, giving you an opportunity to pick the perfect wedding music band for your event. If you want to rest easy at night, knowing you picked a great party band for your special day, make sure you hire a band from Green Light.