Amazing Wedding Music Bands – Best Wedding Live Bands

Green Light’s premier wedding music bands are in hot demand, from California to Florida to New York, Mexico to Canada, and in exotic locales like the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Whether they’re performing for high-profile celebrity weddings or small informal receptions, they create memories that last a lifetime. When you want the ultimate band to make your wedding day the most exciting imaginable, it’s time to hire one of Green Light’s exclusive live wedding bands that you won’t find anywhere else at any price.

Exclusive Live Wedding Bands that Wow Crowds

Party Crashers® and No Limits are two powerhouse options, offering professional studio recording vocalists and musicians, loads of experience, audience interaction, and the best live dance music you could ever hope for. Once they take the stage there’s no turning back – it’ll be nothing but continuous dance tunes that keep the parquet packed all reception long.

Liquid Blue is an electrifying group offered by Green Light, and feature incredible musicians and singers from top to bottom. Dynamic and exciting doesn’t even begin to describe this hot group.

Metro Music Club® is as entertaining and impressive as any live wedding band in the nation, always getting rave reviews from clients and guests alike. Featuring one of the most incredible vocalists you’ll ever hear, MMC delivers a sound that rivals any dance band.

As with all of our premier groups, you’ll hear a wide variety of styles including current, contemporary Top 40 hits, familiar classic rock tunes, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s favorites, funk, hip hop, country and more. These hot options have a proven track record of providing the best music entertainment for weddings and special events, and always leave an indelible impression on guests. They have well-deserved reputations for being among the most outstanding wedding entertainment and Top 40 bands in the country, and receive rave reviews after every performance.

Hire Incredible Wedding Music Bands for Unforgettable Receptions