Cross Strung Bluegrass Band

Video: Rocky Mountain Showcase (Live Audio)

The popular Utah bluegrass band Cross Strung is one talented family. When it comes to musicianship, this bluegrass ensemble really shines. With state champions on fiddle, guitar, and mandolin, they always deliver amazing shows that incorporate humor, lightning-fast picking, and the liveliest bluegrass and Celtic music in town. When it comes to bluegrass and country music bands, we’ve got you covered.

Live Show Sample Video (Live Audio)

Once this popular bluegrass ensemble hits the stage, it’s nothing but high-energy fun for audiences of all ages. Whether they’re showcasing their incredible fiddling skills or providing some good ole family humor, these National Family Talent Search winners are always a hit with crowds.

Cross Strung Photo Slide Show

If you want to hire a bluegrass band to impress and entertain important guests, Cross Strung never disappoints. These versatile performers can also go out as a duo or trio depending on your event and budget, but no matter how they come, your audience will be raving about them. This is pure talent that shouldn’t be missed.